Larry Steele.......

Larry Steele

From Don Barnes ---
Our old friend, band mate, stage manager and co-writer Larry Steele passed away this morning.

We will miss his friendship,  his sharp wit, his forever positive attitude and big heart for everyone in his life. 
On behalf of the entire 38 Special organization past and present, we want to extend our love and heartfelt wishes of healing and comfort to Larry's wife, his son and daughters and their extended families.
Larry published a book last year entitled, "As I Recall," a factually compelling and humorous bio on the history of the Jacksonville music scene through the 60's onward. 
Part biographer, part storyteller, Larry painstakingly pieced together details to get it right. We were all neighborhood friends and the road life and challenges we faced are now a part of our history. He amazed us with his recollection of the early years and we're grateful that he retained a large portion of our story in his book. 
In addition, he documented the career arcs of other groups originating from that area, including his own bands as well as detailed, unheard facts regarding the origins of Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers.
Please consider checking it out, available on Amazon and through the "As I Recall" website as well as other outlets. 
Larry will not be forgotten.
Godspeed, Steele Man. 


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